Google Chrome : One Of The Unsafest Browser?

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Google Chrome : One Of The Unsafest Browser?

Google Chrome is one of the most widely used browser launched by Google in 2008, since it’s launched it had beat most of the competitiors.. However since it’s the most used browser, there is more chances of Cyber attack or any malware..

This survey was conducted by Atlas VPN. It shows that Chrome has high change of cyber attack, and hacker can steal information from your computer or even take controlof your device..

is the first one in this list with 303 vulnerability,MozillaFirefox ranking second with 117 vulnerability, Microsoft Edge ranking third with 102 vulnerability and Safari browser ranking fourth with 26 vulnerability. The safest browser until now is considered as Opera, however according to me ‘No System Is Safe’.

How To Protect Yourself :

• Use a strong password which should be 10-15 letters.
• Use antivirus software and apps.
• Never click on any links which gives free followers, etc.

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