How to Create Youtube Premium Accounts?

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How to Create Youtube Premium Accounts?

1. Without vpn, create a Google account from the Youtube App ‘Add account’

2. After Create account connect to IP USA in a VPN

3. Enter a clean browser and go to

4. Sign in with the created account

5. Click on Profile > Payments and subscriptions > Add card

6. In Address, Change the Country to USA and Zip: 100807.

Add a card [ Use Bin ]

Bin Link:

8. Go to Youtube App Login & ‘Get Premium'(You can get 2 months with bestbuy code or 4 months with the Samsung promo via emulator)

YOUTUBE TV +38 Plans +200 channels

1. Click on your youtube account with premium (top right)

2. ‘Youtube TV’ will appear in the options, click and download the App

3. Enter connected with IP USA, log in and place 10080 in ZIP

4. ‘Start free trial’

5. After completing the subscription, go to Settings>Membership

6. Add all other plans that have ‘free trial days’:

7. In total there will be +40 free trial plans with many channelsYOUTUBE MUSIC

1. Search and download the Youtube Music App in the Playstore

2. Enter connected to IP USA and Log in with the premium account


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