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The Best Cracking Method For Noobs!

1-Getting the combos:

  • We have 2 options to get combos SQLi or Scrapers. I’m only gonna cover scrapers.
  • First of all, open WZScraper.
  • Enter a number in Start# (ex:37349) then a bigger one in Stop# (ex:60000)
  • Then, click on Site and choose one of the 3 available and choose a region.
  • Click on scrape and wait.
  • When it’s done or you have a good amount of usernames, go ahead and click on stop.
  • Check the “Export only usernames” then click on Export.
  • Save the text file somewhere and name combo1.txt
  • Using that one, we will generate 3 different combo lists for maximum results.
  • Head to
  • Open your text file that you created earlier and paste it in that site.
  • First, click on “lower case” on the bottom of the site, then click on “Download as .txt”
  • After that, click on “Capitalized Case”, then click on “Download as .txt”
  • Now open “combo1.txt” (the original one) and the two new downloaded text files from COnvertCase.
  • Copy each text file content and paste them in a new one one after the another.
  • Save it as final-REGION.txt
  • Now, open the “Wordlist Creater by Chessus (modified murtaza61)” folder and open the WordList Creator which will add the password to our usernames.
  • Click on the first search button and browse to your your combo list we made earlier which is “final.txt”
  • This app lets you add custom passwords so what we’re gonna do is add some common passwords like qwerty123 qwerty12 etc. By using this trick you will get 2x and even more the amount of accounts you usually get.
  • Either create your own custom password file or use the one I included.

PS: If you want a password that looks like “username123” you have to type it as “%id123” in the password file.

  • Now click on create wordlist.
  • The loading bar is useless so in the WordList creator folder, check if the wordlistcreated.txt file is going up, when it’s done then take it and head to the next step.

We have 2 ways of cracking these accounts: LoL Cracker or SentryMBA.

1-LoL Cracker:

  • Open the LoL Cracker
  • Go to the Proxy tab and click on “Start Grabbing Proxies” and wait for it to finish.
  • Now go back to the Cracker tab, choose you region and click on “Start with own combos”
  • Now wait for it to finish.
  • When it’s done open the LoL Cracker folder and locate the accounts.txt then move it to your combos folder.

PS: You can also just click on Start and it will do the process automatically without any combos.


  • Open SentryMBA
  • Click on Settings ==> General ==> Load settings from Snap Shot
  • Browse to the “Config” folder and load the one for the server you need.
  • Now click on Lists ==> Word List
  • Press the folder icon right under “Combo List” in the middle and open your combo list aka final.txt
  • Now Click on Proxylist ==> click on the folder icon on the left and load your proxies.
  • PS: You can either scrape proxies using the tools I provided or if you want an easy trick, scrape them using LoL Cracker and use these
  • When you’re done, click on Start ==> Start The Bruteforce Engine
  • Wait for it to get some “hits”
  • Hits are working accounts.
  • You will see them in the hits menu below.
  • The left box on the right shows you how many combos have been tested and how many hits you got.
  • When you’re ready, select all your hits by pressing the first one, then scrolling down. Now hold shit and click on the last one.
  • Right click and press Copy Combo
  • Open notepad and paste
  • Save it as REGION-hits.txt

3-The Checker Part:

  • Open the LoL Account Checker
  • Choose your region then click on accounts then on import and open the accounts.txt we got earlier
  • Close that window
  • Press on start and wait.
  • Check the progress in the lower left corner.
  • The checker is working, it’s fixed.

4-Final Step:

  • Time to take the good accounts and harvest the hard work.
  • Click on one of the options: RP/IP/Champions/Skins/Email Status
  • This will sort them according to what you chose
  • In other words, if you click on email status the first time, you should see the one with unverified emails first then you could scroll through them and check if on of them is worth it(skins, champions, lvl30 etc…)
  • When you find a good account, right click on it and Copy Combo
  • Go to League Of Legends site and change the email to yours if it’s unverified
  • Log in using that combo which is user:password
  • You cracked your first account
  • You can also check the date of the last game played, if it’s 2014 then that account is probably inactive
  • Furthermore, you can right click on any account and click on View to check them.


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