The Common Android Problems | How To Fix Them Yourself

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A list of the most common Android issues and their solutions to help you fix them yourself without having to take your phone to a repair shop. (Source: hongkiat)

Apps closing or hanging up

Some users have reported apps behaving annoyingly after updating to Android 12. Some apps started hanging up or closing while others showed different issues. In either case, you need to clear the app’s cache to fix it:

  1. Open Play Store and update the app first.
  2. Open Settings and search for the app (e.g., Gmail).
  3. Click the app’s settings > Storage and cache > Clear cache.
  4. If it does not fix the app, click Storage and cache > Clear storage in the app’s settings. Do note that this will delete all locally stored data of the app, i.e., data not backed up or synced to a cloud service will get deleted.
  5. If it does not work even now, complete the above-given steps again, restart your device, and then open the app again. This should do the trick.

Battery getting drained

Many people complained about the battery getting drained faster after upgrading to Android 12. Though it sounds mostly like a software issue, you may find these steps helpful at improving if not fixing your smartphone’s battery life:

  1. Open Settings and go to Battery > Adaptive preferences.
  2. Enable Adaptive Battery and Adaptive charging options.

Also, you must check on the apps eating up your phone’s battery juice in the background and limit their background battery usage. Follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings and go to Battery > Battery usage.
  2. Click on the apps with unusual battery usage > choose Optimised. If you hardly use those apps, you can select Restricted for better battery life.

Last but important, you can disable the always-on display that displays time and notifications on your screen in its locked state. This will reduce the battery drainage significantly to help you get a full-day battery. Follow these steps:

  1. Open Settings and go to Display > Lock screen.
  2. Toggle off Always show time and info. You can also disable Tap to check phoneLift to check phone, and Wake screen for notifications.

If you do not find Always show time and info on your device, search for “always on” in Settings and disable the Always On Display option.

Calls cannot be answered

A few users reported about the Phone app behaving unstably, making it hard for them to answer calls on Android 12. When the phone rings, it will not respond to users’ taps or touches, making it impossible to take calls. How to fix it?

Follow the steps under Apps closing or hanging up section for Phone app.

Do Not Disturb not working

A few users complained about Do Not Disturb (DND) not working. Specifically, DND allows some alerts and notifications even when the phone should not send those alerts or notifications. What to do if you are facing this issue? Try these:

  1. Open Settings and check the settings for DND to make sure you disabled those alerts and notifications you are still receiving.
  2. Disable DND, restart your device, and then enable it again.
  3. Disable Bedtime mode, disable DND, restart your device, and then enable it again. Maybe the bedtime mode is interfering with DND.

Discord crashing the phone

A few users complained about Discord freezing their phone after updating to Android 12. It can be annoying if you are a heavy user of Discord. It is known to be related to accessibility settings in Discord, so follow these steps to fix it:

  1. Open Discord and go to User Settings > Accessibility.
  2. Toggle off Play animated emoji. Or you can also disable all motion in its interface by toggling on Enable Reduced Motion on this screen.

If the issue is not fixed, check the Apps closing or hanging up section above.

Google Assistant Routines not working

A couple of users reported that Google Assistant Routines are not working properly after they upgraded to Android 12.

It seems the new Android interferes with the usual unfolding of the alarm routine of Google Assistant. Or it may be an issue of Google Assistant working with Android 12 APIs.

What is the fix?

Unfortunately, there is no known solution for this issue. Initially, it was thought it would be fixed by an update last November. Later in January 2022, some users reported the problem got briefly fixed after the monthly update, but the issue reoccurred.

So, you will have to wait for an update to fix this problem.

Media stopping unexpectedly

A few users found media like audio and video stop unexpectedly while playing. Though there is no definite fix, you can try these steps:

  1. Open Play Store and update the app first.
  2. Open Settings and search for the app (e.g., Gmail).
  3. Click the app’s settings > Battery and choose Optimised or Unrestricted.

If the issue is not fixed, check the Apps closing or hanging up section above.

Hope you found this guide helpful in fixing the issues in your device.

If the steps mentioned in this post did not resolve your issue, you can reach out to Android Help at Google Support.

Happy learning!

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